Artwork by Amy Thoennes


Fruition Artists

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I have been interested in photography since 1969 when I purchased my first camera. Since retirement from medicine in 2017, I am devoting as much time as I can to increasing and utilizing my photographic abilities. The overarching category of which I never grow tired is beauty, wherever it appears.


Xan Sinclair Koonce

The desire to understand spirituality and its transformational power motivates my work. My objective is to magnify nature beyond its literal meaning to explore the relationship between nature and spirituality.


fiona mansfield

I am known for my quirky illustrations and unique interpretations of school art projects. I draw what I see. I love colorful things.



Jamie paints from the heart as she captures subjects in paint from photographic images.  Her custom portraits include children, pets and homes.  Jamie has experimented with most mediums on both canvas and paper, but her favorite is heavy watercolor on paper.


TerrY Martin

I choose to believe there is good in the world and allow my art to be an instrument in providing more of it. My wish is that when you look at piece intended for you, it will instill a passionate fire, wash over you with peace, or simply make you pause and smile.


short eared Dog

Angelina has been photographing the High Plains for over ten years. She finds beauty in simplicity and community. She believes in traveling the world and bringing back the best of every culture to the Panhandle.


Amy Thoennes

I believe that Art is an experience. My process involves INK, GLASS, and FIRE. Each piece is a combination of vibrant, saturated inks on glass and touched by a flame of fire.  It is my deepest hope to stir Body, Soul, and Spirit and demonstrate that absolutely beautiful things emerge from the fires of life.